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-====== The Summer Research Institute will take place from      Monday June 2nd to Friday June 20th, 2014 ====== 
-The Summer Research Institute ​is an annual event that takes place at the [[http://ic.epfl.ch|School of Computer and Communication Sciences]] at [[http://​www.epfl.ch/​index.en.html|EPFL]] in Lausanne, Switzerland. The mission of the SuRI is to create an informal but rich environment that is a fertile ground for the development of new ideas and the consolidation of on-going research.+==== The Summer Research Institute ​2016 – Security/Privacy Edition ==== 
 +==== (20.06.16 - 24.06.16) ====
-During this period, the activities of the department and its laboratories focus on an active exchange of research ideas with visiting scholars from renowned international institutions worldwide. ​ In addition, visitors give one-hour [[schedule:​start|talks]] on their research, accessible to a broad audience. 
-=== Special Events === +The Summer Research Institute (SuRI) is an annual event that takes place at the [[http://​ic.epfl.ch|School of Computer ​and Communication Sciences]] at [[http://​www.epfl.ch/index.en.html|EPFL]] in Lausanne, Switzerland. ​
-  * June 2-4: [[2014:wocris|Workshop on Cyber Risk and Information Security]] +
-  * June 5 (evening), June 6 (all day):[[http://​www.ecocloud.ch/|Ecocloud event]] +
-  * June 16-17: [[2014:​jwhkust|Joint workshop with HongKong University of Science and Technology]]+
 +The 2016 issue of SuRI has a special focus on topics from the fields of security and privacy research. The workshop will bring together renowned researchers and security experts from academia and industry. It will feature a number of [[schedule:​start|research talks]] by [[guests:​start|speakers]] from all around the world and will be conducive to informal discussions and social activities. In addition to the invited researchers,​ the audience will include primarily EPFL students, researchers and faculty members. The event will be open to everyone. Participation will be free of charge and without registration.
-All SuRI [[schedule:​start|talks]] are open to the public. ​For more information, ​ please [[organizers/start|contact us]].+For more information, ​ please [[organizers:start|contact us]].